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This May, Black Panther headlines his own BLOOD HUNT tie-in series from writer Cheryl Lynn Eaton and artist Farid Karami.

New York, NY— February 12, 2024 — When BLOOD HUNT kicks off this May, no place in the Marvel Universe will be safe from the vampire’s invasion—not even the proud nation of Wakanda! Spinning directly out of the startling developments of Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz’s BLOOD HUNT comes BLACK PANTHER: BLOOD HUNT, a three-issue event tie-in series written by Cheryl Lynn Eaton (Marvel’s Voices) and drawn by Farid Karami (Venom: Lethal Protector).

BLACK PANTHER: BLOOD HUNT sees the recently exiled T’Challa finally returning to Wakanda’s capital city. Only he now serves a different nation entirely—the vampire nation! One of the vampire’s first—but certainly not last—victims, T’Challa finds himself caught in a soul-crushing struggle between protecting his people from his new brothers and satisfying his new overpowering thirst for blood.

Threatening his legacy as king as well as his deep connection with the Panther God, T’Challa reluctantly embarks on a quest from the vampire overlord to find an ancient power. In the process, he’ll unearth long-buried secrets about Wakanda’s own secret history with creatures of the night as Eaton and Karami introduce new blood-sucking villains inspired by real African legend and mythology.

“Long live the king! Literally! While T’Challa has always been the height of human excellence, steering such a legendary character as he navigates a supernatural battlefield populated with gods and monsters—all while adapting to a form and newfound powers unfamiliar to him—has been a treat,” Eaton said. “T’Challa’s royal status is not just Wakandan in nature, but vampiric as well. And I can’t wait to explore both of those bloodlines. No pun intended!”

“Once I read the script, I was delightfully surprised about where the story was going and how cool the tone and atmosphere were,” Karami added. “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series was my introduction to most of Marvel’s super heroes, and Black Panther was my favorite character there. The chance to draw T’Challa as a vampire battling other vampires and some African mythological demons in such an epic yet dark tale has been a dream come true.”

T’CHALLA THE VAMPIRE! Black Panther has been transformed and tasked with carrying out a key mission, but even a dark transformation won’t keep him from his duties to Wakanda – for better or for worse… See the horror that awaits T’Challa yourself on Andrew Sorrentino’s BLACK PANTHER: BLOOD HUNT #1 cover.

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