Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Learn about ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #5, ULTIMATE BLACK PANTHER #4, and ULTIMATE X-MEN #3, all on sale this May!

New York, NY— February 9, 2024 — By now, fans are fully invested in Marvel’s new Ultimate Universe! Carefully crafted and controlled by the Maker as a world without super heroes, the new Ultimate Universe is now free from its shadowy origins and its future is thrillingly unpredictable!

Across multiple titles set in this new landscape, iconic heroes emerge, new conflicts erupt, and surprising relationships are forged. It’s a fresh start for the Marvel mythos, and the biggest and boldest storytelling swings still lie ahead! Right now, get a sneak peek at what’s to come with cover reveals for May’s three Ultimate issues.

In ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #5, Jonathan Hickman digs into the secret history of Harry Osborn! How does the heir apparent of Oscorp become a masked vigilante? And what does Green Goblin know of the true status of the world he lives in? In Ultimate Spider-Man #4-5, Hickman will be joined by acclaimed artist David Messina (Star Wars: The High Republic) with regular series artist Marco Checchetto returning in June’s Ultimate Spider-Man #6.

In Bryan Hill and Stefano Caselli’s ULTIMATE BLACK PANTHER #4, Shuri seizes the throne! With T’Challa missing and presumed dead, Wakanda needs a new leader. Shuri wants war against Ra and Khonshu more than T’Challa ever did, but at what cost? Meanwhile, Black Panther must learn from his new allies, the freedom fighters Killmonger and Storm! 

And discover the mysterious Maystorm’s origin in Peach Momoko’s ULTIMATE X-MEN #3. Mei Igarashi was a regular girl until she discovered her unusual abilities and her hair changed from brown to white… Now, learn how and why she came to idolize a mysterious freedom fighter in Africa who also harnesses the power of the storm!

Check out all three May covers now, and stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more news about the Ultimate Universe, including new series announcements! For more information, visit

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