Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Check out a new variant cover for NYX #3, on sale this September.

Like the original series that introduced X-23 to Marvel Comics, NYX is an all-new X-Men title starring mutant youth as they navigate life in New York City.

New York, NY— June 28, 2024 — Twenty years ago, X-23 made her comic book debut in Joe Quesada and Joshua Middleton’s NYX, a hard-hitting series about mutant teens surviving on the streets of New York City. Now, NYX is back for a new generation, and X-23, now known as Wolverine, returns to protect mutant runaways in a world more dangerous than ever!

To celebrate NYX’s revival and the anniversary of X-23’s debut, a new variant cover for September’s NYX #3 by acclaimed artist W. Scott Forbes captures the tone and unmistakable style of the original iconic series. On this bold cover, see Wolverine in a look reminiscent of her early appearances alongside missing posters of the original NYX cast, all of whose whereabouts remain unknown… 

With Xavier’s school long gone and Krakoa destroyed, the greatest city on Earth is about to get a huge influx of mutants, whether they’re welcome there or not! See a group of former X-Men students navigate young adulthood, discrimination, and threats bent on shattering human-mutant relations in a new run of NYX from hotshot writing duo Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (TimelessAlien: Black, White & Blood) and rising star artist Francesco Mortarino (AvengersCult of Carnage: Misery).

Check out Forbes’ cover for September’s NYX #3 and pick up the debut issue of NYX on July 24! For more information, visit

NYX #3 – 75960620918700311 




Variant Cover by W. SCOTT FORBES – 75960620918700331

On Sale 9/25

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