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The family that stays together gets slayed together! Witness a symbiote bloodbath for the ages in “Symbiosis Necrosis,” a new crossover story coming to VENOM and CARNAGE this March.

New York, NY— February 2, 2024 — Previously announced on Marvel’s original podcast series This Week in Marvel,  Marvel’s two ongoing symbiote titles will play host to a vicious family drama starting next month titled “Symbiosis Necrosis.”

Written by current Venom and Carnage scribes Torunn Grønbekk and Al Ewing and drawn by Ken Lashley and Pere Pérez, this four-part crossover will take over both titles in March and April. Grønbekk stopped by This Week in Marvel to reveal the scope of the story which kicks off when Carnage, fresh off his latest slaughter spree in Death of the Venomverse, targets Eddie Brock—and how better to get to his mortal enemy then going after Eddie’s son–and fellow Venom—Dylan?!

The father/son pair are currently on interwoven journeys across space and time in the pages of Venom but their paths will collide dramatically when Dylan faces off against Cletus for the first time. The saga will be packed with explosive developments including a new look for Carnage that fans can see now in Cafu’s VENOM #32 cover, a power up for Dylan, a shocking twist to Cletus and Carnage’s bond, and an epic showdown with the only symbiote Carnage truly fears—Anti-Venom!

It all kicks off in VENOM #31 where, born anew in symbiote goo and blood, Cletus Kasady is more dangerous and violent than ever before – and has his sights dead set on the unsuspecting Venom! Untested against the might of his symbiotic sibling without his father by his side, will Dylan Brock be able to hold the sadistic serial killer at bay? Or will Carnage live up to its namesake and leave another brutalized symbiote host in its wake?!

Following the events of VENOM #31, Carnage has Dylan in his grasp his CARNAGE #5. But is Dylan just bait for Eddie, the King in Black himself? Time for some bloody brother bonding!

Then in VENOM #32, the crossover takes readers to the greatest depths of space and at the end of existence, within the flowering fauna of the symbiotic Garden of Time. But some carnivorous new species has blossomed there. Something bloodred, with thorns…and an appetite!

As the dust settles on the final battle in CARNAGE #6, Carnage and Cletus discover they’re not as close as they once were. Meanwhile, there’s still one thing that can kill them…Anti-Venom.

Discussing the series with host Angélique Roché,  Grønbekk said, “There is some family drama going on here because technically they’re both the child of Eddie or Venom in a sort of strange way and it felt natural to bring them together. It brings up, especially for Dylan, all the secrets that Venom has kept from him. Venom was the one who made Eddie do horrible things. If Dylan sees the full extent of what Venom has done in this world, it might not be great. And Carnage being as sadist as he is, he doesn’t just want to kill Dylan, he wants Dylan to be aware of everything that Venom has done. And it turns into a sort of spectacular thing. And then it sort of it takes a turn. And I’m not going to say what kind of turn, but it doesn’t go the way you think it will.”

Fans can listen to the full conversation by tuning into This Week in Marvel wherever they subscribe to podcasts. Check out all four of the crossover’s covers now along with a Cafu’s design sheet for Carnage’s new look and preorder all four parts of “Symbiosis Necrosis” at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit

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