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Storm joins Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in AVENGERS #17. Check out all-new variant covers for the highly anticipated issue coming this August!

New York, NY— May 17, 2024 — There’s been a hurricane of Storm announcements this week! Not only is the stalwart X-Man leader joining the cast of writer Jed MacKay and new series artist Valerio Schiti’s AVENGERS run this August, but Storm will also headline her very own solo ongoing series in October. She’s EARTH’S MIGHTIEST MUTANT, and both titles will showcase her soaring to Omega-level heights! Today, fans can see all-new variant covers for the issue where she’s recruited by the Avengers—AVENGERS #17.

Among the new covers is an homage to Avengers #144 by Luciano Vecchio and a gorgeous pinup piece by Pablo Villalobos, both of which spotlight her new costume. In addition, artist Sam de la Rosa depicts Storm’s ex-husband, Black Panther, whom she’ll now stand alongside once more as teammates.

In the aftermath of Blood Hunt and Fall of the House of X, the Avengers are licking their wounds and reassessing their goals. One member takes the initiative by approaching Storm, hoping to add her strength and perspective to the team’s upcoming missions! And the roster won’t be the only thing shaken up when a deadly threat sets its vengeful sights on Earth!

On the decision to add Storm to the lineup, MacKay said, “When we were putting together thoughts for X-Men, one problem kept coming up—Storm needed to have a presence in a book befitting her status, but it would be weird for her to be on an X-Men team if she wasn’t the leader. The solution was simple—she needed to be on the global stage, among equals, and what better place for that than the Avengers? We’re excited to bring Storm back to the Avengers and show what adventures she’ll get up to as part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!”

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