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This August, celebrate 50 years of the Immortal Protector of K’un-Lun in IRON FIST 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1!

New York, NY— May 15, 2024 — Marvel Comics proudly marks Iron Fist’s milestone 50th anniversary year with a special oversized one-shot! Hitting stands in August, IRON FIST 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 will spotlight different eras of the mystical martial arts hero’s storied adventures with a wide variety of epic tales. Packed with superstar creators, the one-shot will see definitive Iron Fist writer Chris Claremont’s long-awaited return to the character as well as writer Alyssa Wong’s return to the journey of the current Iron Fist, Lin Lie!

The legacy of Iron Fist is a long-lived legend spanning centuries…all the way back to the year 10,000,000 B.C.E.! After an expedition to find K’un-Lun left Danny Rand’s parents dead, he found the path to the mystical city and gained the shattering power of the Iron Fist! After avenging his parents’ deaths, Rand became an iconic super hero, working alongside teams like Heroes for Hire, the Defenders, and the Avengers. IRON FIST 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL will have a range of stories that spotlight Danny Rand’s past, present, and future!

Here’s what fans can look forward to:

·       Visionary Iron Fist scribe Chris Claremont teams up with artist Lan Medina for a classic tale set during Iron Fist’s early years and co-starring Wolverine!

·       Alyssa Wong, the writer behind today’s Iron Fist, brings you the next chapter of Lin Lie’s saga alongside artist Von Randal.

·       Writer Justina Ireland and artist Elena Casagrande send Iron Fist on a mission where he join forces with his longtime allies—THE DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON!

·       Writer Frank Tieri and artist Ty Templeton’s story sees Iron Fist send out the call to his old teammates—HEROES FOR HIRE!

·       And writer Jason Loo and artist Whilce Portacio spotlight what the future may hold for Danny Rand!

“Ever since I saw Danny Rand in those green and yellows, I was a fan—not just because we shared a name, but because that look was so iconic!” Editor Danny Khazem shared. “So to be able to work on this issue with all of these talented creators is a huge honor and pleasure. Danny’s story has spanned five decades, but the legacy of the Iron Fist spans MILLIONS of years! And this issue dares to be the next step in not only the future of Danny Rand, but the future of the entire Iron Fist lore! Strap in as this is just the beginning!”

Check out legendary creator Alan Davis’ main cover along with variant covers by Kevin Eastman and Howard Chaykin. Pick up IRON FIST 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 at your local comic shop this August! For more information, visit

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