Thu. May 23rd, 2024

On sale in June and July, all four X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT one-shots will feature stunning variant covers by artist Peach Momoko.

New York, NY— March 21, 2024 — When the Marvel Universe goes to war against vampires this May in Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz’s BLOOD HUNT, mutantkind will still be reeling from the fall of Krakoa. Scattered around the globe, four X-Men will risk their souls on blood-soaked solo adventures in X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT one-shots. Set between the Krakoan Age and the recently announced From the Ashes era, these one-shots are headlined by Jubilee, Magik, Psylocke, and Laura Kinney the Wolverine, each of whom will also star in upcoming X-Men series launches!

Visionary creator Peach Momoko, currently writing and drawing Ultimate X-Men, has drawn breathtaking variant covers for each X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT issue. In her iconic style, Momoko depicts these four fierce mutants as bloodthirsty creatures of the night, teasing the measures they’ll need to take to survive the darkness!

Check out all four of Momoko’s X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT variant covers and preorder them at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit

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