Thu. May 23rd, 2024

This June, return to the Venomverse for new tales spotlighting all-new symbiote stars and iconic favorites.

New York, NY— March 20, 2024 — Starting in June, dive back into the darkness as the Venomverse is reborn with stories of symbiotes from all across the Multiverse! Across four thrilling issues, VENOMVERSE REBORN will see superstar creators put unique spins on the symbiote mythos AND unleash bold developments on established symbiote heroes and villains. Ranging from horror to fantasy and everything in between, VENOMVERSE REBORN offers something for every fan, and each jampacked issue will be framed by a pivotal new Venom story by current Venom writer Al Ewing. Don’t miss a beat as Venom’s current mastermind architect teams up with artist Danilo S. Beyruth to lay the groundwork for the next symbiote epic!

The first two issues will be oozing with first appearances including  Venom from Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a Viking Venom, and more!

In VENOMVERSE REBORN #1, Benjamin Percy and Brian Level kick things off with a tale of the murder of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by one of their own…but who? Then, Christos Gage drags the Venom from Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 across the Venomverse to take on Knull!

In VENOMVERSE REBORN #2, Phillip Kennedy Johnson and John McCrea bring a brutal take on Venom born in the age of Vikings! Then, from Adam Warren and Chriss Cross comes the return of the final biological life in his universe, the Venom of Venom: The End! Plus, Chris Giarrusso returns with a tale of Mini-Marvels Venom!

“I’m doing the framing sequence for these issues, and that means I get to see every one of these new symbiote sensations hit my inbox before anyone else outside editorial, and that’s definitely a perk of the job,” Ewing shared. “As for what’s in that framing story—if you’ve been a fan of some of the more cosmic aspects we’ve brought to Venom of late, you should be more than happy. But the beauty of an anthology series like this is that there’s something to please everyone who dives into our lake of goo.”

Check out the first two VENOMVERSE REBORN covers now and stay tuned for more news about the series in the months ahead. For more information, visit

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