Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Arriving in April, new VAMPIRE VARIANT COVERS homage classic Marvel vampire stories.

New York, NY— January 25, 2024 —
 The heroes of the Marvel Universe are bracing themselves for an all-out war with the vampires of the Marvel Universe in BLOOD HUNT, the new crossover event launching in May. To build up excitement for BLOOD HUNT, fans can get acquainted with Marvel Comics’ history of vampire tales in new VAMPIRE VARIANT COVERS. Adorning Marvel titles throughout April and drawn by some of the industry’s hottest artists, the VAMPIRE VARIANT COVERS put a modern twist on the horror comics that made Dracula and his fellow blood suckers such iconic staples of the Marvel mythos. From the X-Men to the Avengers to Spider-Boy, see your favorite characters turned into creatures of the night! 

WHO WILL BITE IT? If these covers are any indication—EVERYONE! Check them out now, along with the classic covers they pay homage to, and stay tuned for more BLOOD HUNT related announcements in the months ahead. For more information, visit

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