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Just now in a live retailer conference, AVENGERS: TWILIGHT writer Chip Zdarsky revealed new details about the series, including new covers, artwork, and designs! The first issue hits stands on January 10.

New York, NY— November 17, 2023 — Earlier today, retailers were invited to the Avengers: Twilight Retailer Conference to learn more about AVENGERS: TWILIGHT straight from the source! Series writer Chip Zdarsky and Marvel Comics VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort teased the upcoming saga’s biggest mysteries, discussed the series’ scope and impact, and answered retailer questions. Hosted by Ryan Penagos (VP & Creative Executive at Marvel), attendees also got an exclusive look at never-before-seen covers along with interior artwork and design sheets from series artist Daniel Acuña. Right now, fans are welcome to check out some of what was unveiled in anticipation of the debut issue hitting stands on January 10!

In AVENGERS: TWILIGHT, readers will leave the Marvel Universe they know behind as they follow an aged Steve Rogers through a dark future where the Avengers’ dream has been twisted into a nightmare! Along the way, Zdarsky and Acuña will introduce a fascinating new cast of characters, including future versions of familiar faces as well as future Avengers members who have startling connections to the heroes of today. Instead of protecting the world, the new Avengers of AVENGERS: TWILIGHT use their power and influence to control it, driving Steve to come out of retirement to end their rule and restore the Avengers’ legacy to its former glory, but even after assembling the few friends he has left, Captain America will be hopelessly outmatched by the system the Avengers’ ruthless successors built. This bold and thought-provoking saga that tackles the very nature of being a super hero will also slowly peel back the layers of a shadowy history, exposing the shocking events that caused Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to fall so far… 

“My goal with anything is to create a story that is both new reader friendly and also welcomes in older readers who will enjoy the references sprinkled throughout,” Zdarsky explained on the call. “I think if you have a base knowledge of Marvel super heroes, there’s really something for you here. And getting a chance to do something that’s self-contained in six issues with one consistent artist throughout is my favorite kind of project because those are types of books you can sell forever.”

Get a new glimpse into this corrupted vision of Marvel’s tomorrow, including design sheets for Cap’s new allies and enemies and a first look at the series’ new look for Thor in the issue #4 covers.  Stay tuned for more AVENGERS TWILIGHT news and preorder issue #1 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit

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