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Listen to Al Ewing discuss IMMORTAL THOR on the latest episode of the “This Week in Marvel” podcast

New York, NY — September 15, 2023 —  Today on Marvel’s original podcast series “This Week in Marvel,” host Angélique Roché spoke with mastermind writer Al Ewing about his hit run of IMMORTAL THOR! Coming this December, IMMORTAL THOR #5 will hit stands with incredible art by Martín Cóccolo and a stunning cover by Alex Ross.

In the upcoming issue, fans are introduced to the all-new Thor Corps! Toranos has returned — and to face him, the King of Asgard has gathered his army. But if even an army of storm gods could not stop the Elder God of Thunder…what then? This is the story of THE IMMORTAL THOR… and the battle that will define him.

On writing another Immortal story, Ewing said, “I had it in my head for a while that I wanted to do a second Immortal title because I wanted another swing at something that was that big and meaningful.” He continued, “I was also looking to do something a bit more optimistic. Hulk is a very horror-based character, and I was writing a lot of heavy emotional stuff in there… I think Thor, in his nature, is a high fantasy character… so you sort of write that from a position of hope. That’s nice – it’s nice to have a little hope!”

On the reveal of the all-new Thor Corps in issue #5, Ewing points fans to the cover, saying, “Well, let’s talk about that cover… it’s basically everyone – well, not everybody because Eric Masterson is sadly no longer with us – but, a whole bunch of people who have previously been Thor are Thor again… to back up Thor. The main Thor!”

Fans can listen to the full conversation on today’s episode of “This Week in Marvel” wherever they subscribe to podcasts. Check out the IMMORTAL THOR #5 cover by Alex Ross below, and don’t forget to grab the issue when it hits stands this December!


Written by AL EWING


Cover by ALEX ROSS

On Sale 12/13

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