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This October, Marvel Comics celebrates Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month with a new line of variant covers and bonus stories.

New York, NY— August 4, 2023 — From Spider-Man to America Chavez, Latin and Latinx super heroes make the Marvel Universe a richer place each and every month! This October, Marvel Comics is proud to honor Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month by spotlighting some its newer and fan-favorite Latin and Latinx characters.

In the same spirit as Marvel’s Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander History Month celebration this past May, select issues in October will feature stunning variant covers depicting Latin and Latinx heroes. Within the pages of those very issues, those characters will team up with the titular stars in all-new bonus adventures! This year’s Comunidades Variant Covers will be drawn by acclaimed artist Ernanda Souza, and the stories will be told by a diverse lineup of Latin and Latinx creators, each one bringing their unique background, experience, and voice to Marvel Comics storytelling!

Hailing from all corners of the Marvel mythos, this year’s spotlight characters feature Firebird, Shark-Girl, Power Man (Victor Alvarez), and Eva Quintero of Strange Academy. Not only are these stories perfect for introducing or reintroducing these beloved characters to readers, but they’ll also position them for their own bright futures! Here’s what fans can expect: 

·       Writer Juan Ponce and artist Ig Guara catch up with one of Strange Academy’s most promising pupils! Eva Quintero “borrows” a book from the Scarlet Witch’s private collection and gets more than she bargained for when the book sucks her into a demonic realm! With the help of her Strange Academy teacher, Wanda Maximoff, Eva must find a way to escape before she’s trapped between the pages forever!

·       Former Avenger Firebird brings her fiery passion to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once more in an adventure by writer Kalinda Vasquez and artist Alba Glez. Alongside Captain Marvel and Captain America, Firebird is called upon by the Avengers to investigate a mystery in the desert. Their quest will lead them straight to an all-new character with secrets to reveal deep within… Roswell, New Mexico!

·       Writer Vita Ayala and artist Alitha Martinez send Victor Alvarez, a.k.a. Power Man on an exciting new journey. But first, he’ll have to survive a battle with the strongest there is! Chasing down a threat, Power Man winds up locked in a brawl with the Incredible Hulk!

·       Fresh off their Marvel debut in Marvel’s Voices: X-Men, writing duo Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz will join artist Marcelo Costa to bring together Shark-Girl and Sunspot! The two mutants team up for the very first time as they return to their home nation of Brazil to investigate mysterious disappearances of local fisherman—but when their investigation leads them to “Ilha da Queimada Grande”, they find themselves in a showdown with King Cobra! Together, Shark-Girl and Sunspot have to act fast to stop King Cobra’s nefarious plans—and try not to fall victim to the local fauna in the process!

Check out the first COMUNIDADES VARIANT COVER and stay tuned for more to be revealed in the weeks ahead. And celebrate Marvel’s Latin and Latinx heroes and creators this October! For more information, visit

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