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Check out the special Foil Variant Cover for Torunn Grønbekk and Pere Pérez’s new CARNAGE series, launching in November.

New York, NY— August 17, 2023 — Many of Marvel’s hottest issues are shining on comic stands with FOIL VARIANT COVERS! This classic and iconic cover treatment is all the rage and this November, CARNAGE #1 will get one of its own by acclaimed artist Gabriele Dell’Otto. The piece captures the bloody fury the Carnage symbiote will unleash when it reunites with its favorite host—Cletus Kasady! Spinning out the current Death of the Venomverse limited series, CARNAGE is written by Torunn Grønbekk and drawn by artist Pere Pérez. The series will reveal new levels of depravity and savagery from Marvel’s most terrifying villain as he continues his dark ascent to power! 

Describing the new series, Grønbekk said, “What are powers without purpose? Having hunted down and triumphed over his greatest weaknesses, Carnage’s powers are unrivaled. However, a piece is still missing – the symbiote needs a host with the ambition to match its own. And for Carnage, there was only ever one. (And you know who!) I knew writing Carnage would be an opportunity to explore some pretty dark themes, but I am surprised and delighted to find that the darkness is coming from some unexpected places. It is my kind of horror – overwhelmingly gruesome but still rooted firmly in humanity. Expect big symbiote action, mysteries, myth, and murder. This is gospel, according to Cletus Kasady, and he is the end of the world as we know it.”

See it below and witness Carnage’s latest slaughter when CARNAGE #1 hits stands in November! For more information, visit

CARNAGE #1 – 75960620709100111




Foil Variant Cover by GABRIELE DELL’OTTO – 75960620709100141

On Sale 11/15

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