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This May, visionary creator Peach Momoko introduces a new version of Scarlet Witch in the conclusion to her Demon Wars saga

New York, NY— February 2, 2023 — Yesterday, fans saw another Marvel hero enter the Momoko-verse: SCARLET WITCH! Debuting in the final pages of DEMON WARS: DOWN IN FLAMES, Award-winning creator Peach Momoko’s take on Wanda Maximoff is as powerful as her 616 counterpart and she’s set to reveal her fascinating origins this May in DEMON WARS: SCARLET SIN!

The final chapter in the acclaimed DEMON WARS saga, SCARLET SIN will wrap up the latest era of Momoko’s bold vision of the Marvel Universe that blends classic Marvel Comics storytelling with traditional Japanese folklore. Since the Momoko-verse was introduced in 2021’s DEMON DAYS: X-MEN #1, these timeless tales have transported readers of all ages to a world of magic and adventure. Filled with wondrous versions of the Avengers, X-Men, and more, this unique and spellbinding experience is sure to captivate readers for generations to come!

The yokai are at war, and Mariko Yashida, descendent of the Oni King, has to choose a side. The fates of the spirit world and the human world hang in the balance. But things just got complicated thanks to the appearance of a mysterious yokai with incredible power. This yokai has a scheme of her own, and she wants to paint the world…scarlet.

“When designing Momiji, Demon Wars’ version of Scarlet Witch, the first thought that came to mind to represent Scarlet Witch was her anger and betrayal,” Momoko explained. “So with this in mind, I was inspired to create her around the Hannya idea. Hannya in Japan is used in Noh theater to represent a woman’s anger and jealousy, and these vengeful spirits turn her into a demon.”

“In Demon Days, most of my characters, even though many were yokai, were all yokai living in the human world, so they had to ‘look human.’ But in Demon Wars, the story takes place in the Ikai, the yokai world, so I had more freedom in designing the characters,” Momoko continued. “They can be human, animal, or an out-of-this-world creature design. So I had lots of fun designing each character. Demon Wars is coming to an end, and I can’t wait to see how readers will react. Thank you!”

Check out the DEMON WARS: SCARLET SIN cover as well as Peach Momoko’s character design sheet, and don’t miss the cataclysmic conclusion of Peach Momoko’s epic DEMON WARS saga! For more information, visit

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