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January 12th, 2023 – The Deadside dominated 2022 as SHADOWMAN: REMASTERED from Valiant Entertainment and Nightdive Studios was named the Best Retro Game of the Year from noted ReedPop affiliate site Digital Foundry

Valiant’s SHADOWMAN character is one of the many popular characters in Valiant’s connected universe of more than 2,000 characters. Co-created in 1992 by Jim Shooter, David Lapham, and Steve Englehart, SHADOWMAN has resonated with Valiant fans throughout the years, making it an obvious choice for the breakout 1999 SHADOWMAN video game.

Resurrected and remastered, SHADOWMAN: REMASTERED gives new life to the cult classic third person shooter video game, giving players control of the titular character as he protects humanity from the terrors of The Deadside. The remastered edition brings new levels not found in the original plus many modern video game conventions, including 4K widescreen support, anti-aliasing, dynamic shadow mapping, per-pixel lighting, and many other platform specific improvements.

Senior Staff Writer John Linneman takes video game fans through Digital Foundry’s annual Top Games of the Year awards in a 40 minute video, naming SHADOWMAN: REMASTERED the top retro game of 2022. He goes on to say about SHADOWMAN:

“The exploration, finding secrets and slowly unraveling the secrets of Deadside still manages to thrill all these years later.” 

“The level design is exceptional and delivers a feeling of adventure that you find in very few modern games.” 

“If you enjoy old-school, hard-as-nails action-adventure games from yesteryear, I can’t recommend Shadow Man enough!”

“All of us at Nightdive Studios are very proud of the work that we did on SHADOWMAN: REMASTERED, in particular our restoration of the formerly lost content,” said Larry Kuperman, Director of Business Development at Nightdive Studios. “The feedback from our fans has been almost entirely positive, and the recognition from the media, most especially from a source as well respected as Digital Foundry, has made all the hard work worthwhile.”

SHADOWMAN: REMASTERED is available now for Windows PC via Steam, GOG, the Epic Game Store, and on the respective storefronts for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

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