Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

In anticipation of the upcoming X-Men ’97 animated series, your favorite Marvel characters flash back to the ‘90s in new variant covers this February.

New York, NY— November 16, 2023 — The ‘90s are back! In celebration of Marvel Studios’ X-Men ’97, a follow-up to the classic nineties X-Men: The Animated Series coming soon to Disney+, Marvel’s hottest artists are showing their love for the decade in new MARVEL ’97 VARIANT COVERS.

On sale throughout February, these new covers capture the essence of this blockbuster era by depicting your favorite heroes in their iconic ‘90s looks, reuniting ‘90s lineups, and paying homage to memorable ‘90s covers. It’s an stellar journey through the decade that transformed the comic book industry and it’s just the start of a slew of upcoming X-Men ’97 related Marvel Comics announcements!

Check out 20 MARVEL 97 VARIANT COVERS today and stay tuned for more to be revealed in the months ahead. For more information, visit

By onyxxx