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Check out an all-new trailer, covers, and interior artwork for Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto’s ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1, on sale January 10.

New York, NY— November 22, 2023 — Forged by Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch in the recent Ultimate Invasion limited series, Marvel’s new Ultimate Universe will be home to radical transformations of your favorite heroes, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the upcoming ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN!

Written by Hickman and drawn by acclaimed artist Marco Checchetto, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is the first ongoing series of the new Ultimate line and presents a startling twist to the Spider-Man mythos. After the Maker used time travel to create a world without heroes, Peter Parker lived a relatively normal life, marrying Mary Jane and building a family. Now, it’s time to set things right! Learning the truth behind his reality, Peter will step up to become the Amazing Spider-Man the world didn’t know it was missing! Glimpse into this Spidey saga unlike any other in the new ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN TRAILER, featuring never-before-seen artwork. The trailer introduces readers to the Parkers and shows Peter web-slinging into his heroic destiny and battling new versions of his classic villains, including Kingpin and Green Goblin!

“When we decided that we were going to do a book about an older Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man, we really wanted to lean into him starting his super hero life from a very different place than what’s traditionally expected,” Hickman explained. “Peter and MJ being married is one of many decisions we made that underline this being quite a ‘different’ kind of Spider-Man story.”

Check out all the debut issue covers along with the main covers for issues #2 and #3 and a special first look at interiors, and experience the most surprising Spidey story of the 21st century in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 on January 10! Preorder the issue at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit

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