Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

A new variant cover program in October will spotlight all-new young heroes based on Marvel’s greatest icons!

New York, NY— July 12, 2023 — Spider-Boy, Spider-Man’s long-lost sidekick, has become a comic book phenomenon and will soon star in his very own ongoing series! But what if other Marvel heroes had heroic protégés you’ve never met before? Some of the industry’s most acclaimed artists will answer that very question with the NEW CHAMPIONS VARIANT COVERS!

Debuting this October on the covers of Marvel’s hottest titles, this new line of variant covers will introduce readers to the extraordinary young partners of heroes like Black Cat, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and more. Like Spider-Boy, these new characters inspire a secret history of countless adventures where they’ve fought side-by-side with their super hero mentors! Featuring fresh, bold designs by all-star talent, these stunning new covers may just be a glimpse into the future of the Marvel Universe!

Check out 18 of the New Champions Variant Covers now and keep your eyes peeled for more to be revealed in the coming weeks! For more information, visit

By onyxxx