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Saladin Ahmed and Juan Ferreyra’s SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN #0 arrives in September!

New York, NY— June 22, 2023 — Fans can experience the acclaimed SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN Infinity Comic in print for the first time ever in a special one-shot, SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN #0, this September!

Written by Saladin Ahmed and drawn by Juan Ferreyra, the Spider-Man horror story shook readers to their core when it debuted in 2021 on Marvel Unlimited. Now, fans can enjoy this frightful journey all over again in SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN #0. The one-shot contains the entire saga that introduced Sleep-Stealer, a new villain that got into Spider-Man’s head and haunted Peter Parker’s waking dreams and nightmares. Spidey and readers will lose sleep in this unforgettable, mind-bending adventure that promises to be the scariest Spider-Man story ever told!

“SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN is one of the coolest projects I’ve ever worked on and I’m thrilled it’s coming to print!,” Ahmed said. “We’re putting Peter through a grueling horror movie grinder, and that resilient spirit of his will be tested like never before! I tapped into some darkness writing this, but the real star here is Juan’s mind-blowing, visionary work – which is genuinely some of the best Spider-art I’ve ever seen.”

Join Spider-Man on the most terrifying ride of his life when SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN hits stands in September! For more information, visit



Art and Cover by JUAN FERREYRA

On Sale 9/13

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