Young Justice: Outsiders – It’s like Christmas in January

Let’s talk about the 1st few episodes of Young Justice:  Outsiders the series fans have gone through so many lengths to get back has arrived and I am currently 6 episodes deep and wanted to share my excitement.

  • check this site out Princes All
  • Royal We
  • Eminent Threat
  • Private Security
  • Away Mission
  • Rescue mission
  • Evolution
  • Triptych
  • Home Fires
  • Exceptional Human Beings
  • Another Human Freak
  • Nightmare Monkeys
  • True Heroes
  • Influence
  • Leverage
  • Illusion of Control
  • First Impression
  • Early Warning
  • Elder Wisdom
  • Quiet Conversations
  • Unknown Factors
  • Antisocial Pathologies
  • Terminus
  • Into the Breach
  • Overwhelmed
  • Nevermore


If this doesn’t get you excited for some of Jack Kirby’s greatest creations getting done correctly nothing will.  I know we have seen Darkseid on the old school superman and justice league cartoons and by all rights we were cheated with the Justice League movie leading to a big Darkseid reveal but that’s OK we will get something worth watching with this. 

I have watched the first six episodes and the animation is on par with what we loved when it was cancelled.  The storyline is just as complex and involved, in my normal tradition I will not spoil what I have seen so far but it is really helping the argument as to should someone get the DC Universe streaming service.  If they continue to create content like this, they may be able to draw in the subscribers away from established services like Netflix or Hulu. 

Zack trying to tell us something?

Zack Snyder continues with his cryptic messages releasing a T-Shirt for charity which many have speculated was his plan for the DCEU movies he was the original architect for. While I haven’t deciphered it completely it was leading to a live action Darkseid.  Now we have to wait for Ava DuVernay and her attempt at the New Gods for this.

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