Writer: Markisan Naso
Artist: Jason Muhr
Colorist: Andrei Tabacaru
Cover A – Jason Muhr
Cover B – Valentin Ramon
24 pgs./ T+ / FC

The critically acclaimed Top Chef meets Jurassic Park series returns this May with a fire-roasted final chapter – VORACIOUS: APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION! The new five issue series will conclude the daring time-travel adventures of Chef Nate Willner and his friends as they try to save their town from Nate’s mistakes and find a way to overcome the losses in their lives.

Over the course of the first two volumes, Nate’s dinosaur hunts in an alternate dimension reignited his passion for cooking and started to turn his life around. But traveling through time and space for prehistoric meat has consequences he never imagined. He’s damaged another universe, fractured the trust of the people he cares for most, and unleashed a flesh-hungry monster on Blackfossil.

“VORACIOUS: Appetite for Destruction is the biggest, most explosive arc of the series. The action scenes are crazy, the character moments are intense, and all the sandwiches are in dire jeopardy,” said VORACIOUS writer Markisan Naso. “This is the epic finish to Nate’s story that we’ve always wanted to tell.”

“All the characters, storylines and mysteries we’ve introduced over the course of the series come crashing together in this final volume,” added VORACIOUS artist, Jason Muhr. “We hope readers will love the conclusion to our crazy, time-traveling, dino-snacking story as much as we loved creating it.”

You can pre-order a regular edition copy of VORACIOUS: Appetite for Destruction #1 using the Diamond item code MAR191332. For the variant cover edition, use Diamond item code MAR191333.

VORACIOUS was named “One of the Best New Comic Book Series of 2016” by Comics Alliance and VORACIOUS: Feeding Time named “One of the Best Limited Series of 2017” by Graphic Policy! See what other comic book professionals and reviewers had to say about this series below!

What people are saying about Voracious:

“I highly, highly recommend this comic.”
MARK WAID (Dr. Strange, Kingdom Come, Daredevil)

“A book that’s honest and completely original – a true wild ride that’s unlike anything else. I thoroughly enjoyed VORACIOUS, cover to cover.”
MICHAEL MORECI (Star Wars Adventures, Wasted Space)

“If you’re not familiar with the VORACIOUS series, you owe it to yourself to check it out! It’s beautifully written and drawn, high-concept sci-fi.”
ED LUCE (Wuvable Oaf)

“Voracious is the breath of fresh air I have been looking for in comics. Its uniqueness makes it stand out among an ocean of comics this industry has become.” (Rick Mendoza, Geekadores)

“Markisan Naso and Jason Muhr have created a story that has reminded me of why I love comics. A series you absolutely need to read.” (Alex K. Cossa, Graphic Policy)

““The book is cleverly written by Markisan and Jason delivers such a complete visual feast for the eyes. 10/10! Please do not miss your chance to catch this amazing book.” (Stacy Lott, Tech Media Stash)

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