Why the Avengers: Infinity War Will Shatter the Box Office. Trailer Reaction

First of all I don’t want to hear none of this DC better than Marvel B.S. or any hate directed toward either franchise about who is better. You have to sit back and appreciate the style in which Marvel Studios dropped probably the most epic trailer of the year.

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Think about this: Over the past 10 years using what can be considered B-List Characters outside of Hulk & Captain America Marvel has become one of the most coveted movie franchises to watch. If you cannot appreciate that as an accomplishment in itself do us all a favor and just shut the hell up right now. The sheer amount of characters that they have placed in this film makes this a monumental effort that I am afraid could possibly backfire but this trailer has an effect on me as well as anyone else who has watched it. Linking 18 films into a singular connected entity has taken 10 years and some hits and some misses.

This trailer actually shows a threat that brings the Avengers back together after the events of the Civil War. Although, we are excited we have to understand this movie will make us feel some kind of way because I believe The Avengers will be left in the worst way possible.

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