#VideoGames – XBox One Acessories

buy provigil paypal Ok March is rapidly approaching and if you follow Major Nelson from XBOX like I do, you know that the XBOX One Accessories are starting to roll out.  With the latest update that allows for use of a USB Keyboard there are other highly anticipated pieces to be purchased to hopefully improve your XBOX One experience.

1.  XBOX One Stereo Headset – Retailing at approximately $79.99 this is the Microsoft entry level stereo headset not licenced through a 3rd party like Turtle Beach or Polk Audio which carry more expensive price tags.  Though I will probably skip purchasing this one in favor of the Turtle Beach headset this may be the most no nonsense of any that come out.

2.  XBOX One Stereo Headset Adapter ($24.99) – Will be of great use to those who already own stereo headsets though I could have sworn I read somewhere you would need to be tethered to an audio out source or the controller.

3.  XBOX One Media Remote ($24.99) – I had one of these for the XBOX 360 didn’t really use it then I think I will save my money on this one.

Thats what coming up in March.  If anyone has any comment or information about these let me know in the comments below.

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