VAMPBLADE VOLUME 10: BACK IN BLACK New season! New costume! New space-time continuum!!

Collecting the first story arc of the fourth season of VAMPBLADE, new readers and old can enter the chaos that is Katie Carva’s life! The ongoing saga of the comic manager by day and Glarkian space vampire slayer by night starts anew once more as Katie has survived a rough couple of seasons. Her hometown and friends decimated, she went to Hell to save her sort-of girlfriend, then went to an alternate realty where she met another version of herself. Now, trapped in the body of her alternate, the two literally crash land in 1994, a time period with more threats than they realize (and more enjoyable insanity for readers)! For fans of titles such as ZOMBIE TRAMP, DOLLFACE and BLACK BETTY, enjoy a trip to the sci-fi side of the Danger Doll Universe with this grindhouse title. This new season continues the action-packed suspense, pop culture references and other fourth wall breaking shenanigans that’s made the series a long-running favorite! Creator/writer Jason Martin had this to say about VAMPBLADE VOLUME 10: “I’m starting to feel sorry for Katie, but I just can’t help but send her on increasingly bizarre detours in her journey with the Vampblades! What started out as a simple send-up of bad girl comics has blossomed into a universe of fun adventure for out titular heroine and it’s ever-expanding supporting cast. This latest volume certainly builds on that… while also making things welcoming to new readers once again!”

Collecting issues 1-4 from season four (ongoing issues 38-41) of the hit Danger Zone series, pre-order VAMPBLADE VOLUME 10 with the Diamond item code JUN191334. It will be available in comic book stores on August 14th, 2019. 

What people are saying about Vampblade:

“Vampblade and the rest of Action Lab’s Danger Zone books are fun romps of hilarity and badass action.” (Soda & Telepaths)

“This season looks to expand the scale of the series and explore additional wielders of the Vampblade. That sounds pretty awesome and I’m very curious as to where this will go next.” (Horror Talk)

“It’s twice the Vampblade, twice the ass-kicking. Everything you’ve loved from prior issues, a captivating narrative, and a creative team working so cohesively…” (

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