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Superhero Fatigue is not a thing, superhero withdrawal on the other hand is a thing.  These people are losing their mind on the Internet.  Since the end of the MCU Infinity Saga us superhero aficionados are back to the never-ending debates of who would win in a fight, is DC better than Marvel and every little What If scenario people can think of.  

And through all this we got a few new trailers that dropped to spark u so many debates between the informed and uninformed.árquez-e-hija.html Terminator:  Dark Fate – Sara Conner, and the whole Terminator saga has been changed because, well time has happened.  We are going to have crazy action and Arnold making an appearance as the original human template?  I said this before on a video, all these time jumps, reboots need to stop sometime a story is really finished being told.  (My Original thoughts –

p sometime a story is really finished being told.  (My Original thoughts – Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker ( – OK Disney we know this will make serious bank because it is the final end of this part of the Star Wars saga.  I know there will be more films set in this Universe just not connected to the original cast.  During D23 people went crazy after seeing this and the thing that drove them really off the chain was not the montage at the beginning of the trailer but the image at the very end of Rey looking real sith-ish or is it dark-sidery?  Personally I want to see the Mandalorian ( on Disney+ more I mean hey that one has Carl (Apollo Creed) Weathers in it. Joker ( While we complain about Disney not having the movie rights to Spider-man Warner Bros over here not giving a flying “F”.   I don’t know what to say about this movie because Warner Bros. is always doing some weird stuff with their characters.  For every good DC animation film, we get a live action film that leave us long time comic book fans scratching our heads.  We have had so any depictions of the Joker, Batman, Lex Luthor, and Superman and people wonder why Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and the CW Shows are so popular because they are refreshing to watch because they are different in a good way.  I really don’t want to feel sorry or empathetic for the Joker as a character which this film looks to do by all the signs so far.  (My Original Thoughts –  

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