TIME SHOPPER: An unhinged slacker sci-fi/comedy epic that rips through history with fast action and even faster jokes.

“In the words of Marty McFly, “This is nuts!”  When warped time meets warped values, you get  YOURURL.com Time Shopper, a wonderfully crazy, irreverent and irresponsible trip through history by a hero who has spent way too many hours watching the Home Shopping Network.  Plus, there’s a guest appearance by Jesus!  What more could you want?”

Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter of BACK TO THE FUTURE I-III

find this A personal message to press from creator/writer Tony Fleecs!

xenical orlistat 120 mg buy online TIME SHOPPER HC
Writer: Tony Fleecs
Artist Name(s): Christian Meesey (Art by), Tone Rodriguez (Layouts by), Brad Simpson (Colors by)
Cover Artist: Christian Meesey
48 pgs./ T / FC

Hey Press!
I’m Tony Fleecs, I write and draw comics (MY LITTLE PONY, STAR WARS, IN MY LIFETIME, JEFF STEINBERG: CHAMPION OF EARTH.)  My collaborators and I have a new book called (as you might have guessed) TIME SHOPPER, which is being published by Action Lab Entertainment.
TIME SHOPPER is a sci-fi/comedy about a regular guy who gets a job time traveling. He’s supposed to go back in time and fix history’s biggest disasters (the sinking of the Titanic, the assassination of JFK, kill baby Hitler), but when he gets to the past he immediately gets distracted by how crazy affordable everything used to be. So… he starts shopping through time. And then obviously, hijinx ensue. There are historical celebrity cameos, killer robots, etc.
TIME SHOPPER is perfect for readers who love Rick and MortyBarry Ween Boy GeniusSex CriminalsDrunk HistoryBill & Ted or Back to the Future. It’s a classy hardcover album format OGN. It’s self contained and it’s suuuper cool looking.
Thanks so much for taking a look. TIME SHOPPER is in the Action Lab section of Previews right now (NOV191336)!
Tony Fleecs

Check out the exclusive coverage for TIME SHOPPER on SyFy.

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