The Venom Movie Will be Trash (Trailer Reaction)

I thought we were beyond rubber suits in the age of CGI.

To paraphrase Snoop Dogg, Venom without Spider-Man is like Harold Melvin without the Blue Notes they will never go platinum.

I need someone to explain this foolishness to me…..


Thanks Sony

2 thoughts on “The Venom Movie Will be Trash (Trailer Reaction)

  1. I think we are going to be in for quite a treat. If you compare the trailer with Infinity war obvious references of similarity there. However if you think about how interesting it would be to see the following.

    Eddie Brock, investigative reporter, all around good guy. Gets infected by the symbiote, Becomes Venom, slowly loosing control, and going darker. To eventually run into Spider-man in battle, the suit gets a taste of his strength, and power, and eventually changes host. But the addiction and the symbiotic connection are both ways, just like the comic.. He goes crazy from separation anxiety, becoming the antagonist we truly remember. Eventually to get the suit back after it itself is addicted to Peter Parker, it becomes vengeful, as well as Eddie letting it take control and loosing his own identity.

    Give it a chance.

    1. You just said a story that would be awesome but that is not what the trailer is showing and that is my main complaint. With the powers that be it would not happen due to legal contracts and we as fans miss out. In addition the lackluster CGI and rubber looking venom is dissapointing. I wasn’t comparing to Infinity War but making the point that if you are going to maximize on marketing and the superhero hype.

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