The trial of Spencer and Locke begins this May in Action Lab’s SPENCER & LOCKE 2 #2! SPENCER & LOCKE 2 #2
Writer(s): David Pepose
Artist Name(s): Jorge Santiago, Jr. (Pencils), Jasen Smith (Colors)
Cover A – Jorge Santiago, Jr.
Cover B – Maan House
Cover C – Joe Mulvey
24 pgs./ T+ / FC
$3.99 With our heroes in handcuffs,
Can anyone hope to stop
Roach Riley’s rampage?!

south african christian dating sites SPENCER & LOCKE 2 #2, Due In Stores
and Digital Devices May 2019
from Action Lab: Danger Zone

Action Lab’s Ringo Award-nominated fan-favorite only gets crazier in SPENCER & LOCKE 2 #2, as the trial of Spencer and Locke begins here! After turning the city upside-down to stop Roach Riley, our hard-boiled heroes suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of the law — but what happens when Roach crashes their hearing with a sixty-ton tank? Don’t miss writer David Pepose and artist Jorge Santiago, Jr.’s high-octane send-up of the funny pages in SPENCER & LOCKE 2 #2, arriving in comic shops and on digital devices May 2019!

What comic professionals and fans are saying already about SPENCER & LOCKE:

“What makes SPENCER & LOCKE very special is the subtlety and reverence of its homages. There’s a nod and a wink to the entire comic book canon on every page, but these never overwhelm the gripping Towne-esque neo-noir at its core.”
– Alex Paknadel (Friendo)

“[SPENCER & LOCKE] are back with a bigger, bolder story that will leave your jaw on the floor… in short, don’t miss this book.” (Comicon)

“Ground-breaking… the psychological, homage-filled, crime noir book you never knew you needed until now. Get it on your pull list.” (Major Spoilers) “If you read the first miniseries, you are going to love the return of SPENCER & LOCKE.” (First Comics News)

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