The GoingFullNerd Project (Ep. 6) – Making Advertiser Friendly Videos

mon lien Recently many creators on YouTube have been getting their videos reviewed and getting these interesting yellow circles.   These are signs that your material may not be advertiser friendly for one reason or another.  Now I am here to tell you that whatever system YouTube is utilizing isn’t perfect but since we have to deal with it here are a few things I have noticed:

hop sur ce site My live streams automatically got the yellow circle at first I was outraged but then I changed the thumbnail and boom it was green and getting ads again.

Language is key I have been known to drop some colorful language so there are a couple of my videos that will never get ads outside of YouTube Red.  That’s cool but in order to make the most of things you have to keep it clean.

Avoid copyrighted material, while it may not limit ads but if you are trying to monetize keep

Lastly have patience they are constantly making changes to the system some good some bad but what are you going to do?


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