The Fall of the Small YouTube Creator

With the new rules being put in place to govern YouTube has caused quite an uproar in the creator community.  Let me change that statement I meant in the “small” creator community.  

YouTube at that point in time reminded everyone that they are a business first and a social platform second.  While everyone may dream of stardom and making millions it isn’t something that can be done by everyone and this reinforces that fact.  I have been a YouTube member since 2008 and a partner since 2013.  I went from making joke videos for my friends to talking about what I loved the most (movies, food, comics, and electronics) and rolled with the punches growing the channel to where it is today.




I looked at monetization not as a reason for my channel but a goal to reach milestones and have better “quality” over “quantity” content and as of January 16th 2018 I was informed that after Feb 20th unless I can reach 4000 hours of channel iew time by that date or I will lose that monetization privilege.  

Yes it is a privilege.  A privledge that gave me goals to strive for that could be watched refined and  worked upon.  The new process dangles a carrot because it shows how things can change in a moments notice.  

I understand this is business and making money doing what you like isn’t a right, it is a privilege but it doesn’t make it any less painful that I can’t see any monetary growth from my time invested in the platform.  This doesn’t stop me!  It actually makes me happy that I took the time to study, gameplan, and figure out a way to keep the ball rolling.

This is all because guys like Logan Paul and PewDiPie are still making the videos that pissed off the advertisers which then led to imitation by smaller “YouTubers” looking to emulate their success for a quick buck.  So instead of addressing the real problem  which is content moderation and channel classifications as well as audience demographics we (meaning YouTube or TheirTube as I like to call them now)  has decided to initate a purge.  Not a purge of the offensive content but a purge of creators that don’t make us significant money.   

Innocent creators are now lumped in with the Central American, Eastern European, and Asian server farms that are mostly associated with bot generated views and channels that fly below the radar and many of these dead channels doing nothing. 

Small Creators like myself  are not allowed to be seen and find our content buried under the algorithm as not advertiser friendly.  In addition MCNs whether you love them or hate them will also take a hit.  

Now all those smaller channels they have gathered up will be gone.  This makes their thought process “so why keep them and provide the editing tools and music subscriptions” these will be the next groups to be abolished within the purge if they don’t have any large channels under their belt.  Allowing only those that survive the Great YouTube Purge of 2018 will benefit from what little they provide.  

So what happens to GoingFullNerd?  

I will keep making videos in the hopes of getting monetization back.  

Hell, I may move my channel over to PornHub or RedTube to get that pop up virus money (just joking).

Understand though what will happen is I won’t be tirelessly promoting YouTube only and having them censoring my content.

You will find me on my own websites ( and where you will be able to watch my videos there.  I will still be available on YouTube using their site as video hosting only since they wont give me any incentive to shout them out directly and make it more difficult to get noticed.

AdSense, Amazon, and other revenue generating means will be my tools of choice, as well as other platforms to reach my individual goals and obtain what I had once made as exclusive content for them.


– Onyxxx (The Mastermind Behind GoingFullNerd)

2 thoughts on “The Fall of the Small YouTube Creator

  1. Just sub’d to your channel. Can’t believe I’d missed it for so long, great stuff! Never give up the good work. Maybe in time we can drive the punktubers like Logan Paul away eventually & let hardworking content creators, like yourself, get the recognition they deserve.

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