buy clomid europe One part Doctor Who, one part Calvin and Hobbes,
and sprinkle in some Harry Potter.

straight from the source HE ADVENTURES OF MICKEY & MAJ: TIME. SPACE. MAGIC.
Writer(s): Rick Lundeen
Artist Name(s): Rick Lundeen
Cover Artist(s): Rick Lundeen
88 pgs./ T / FC

“Boy meets ancient magic carpet who shows boy all of time and space,” creator/writer Rick Lundeen explains. That is how THE ADVENTURES OF MICKEY & MAJ begins! This latest Action Lab: Discover tale weaves 88 full colored pages of adventure together.

“Millennia ago, The Weaver began creating magic carpets. Woven with enchanted threads, these sentient beings of floor-ware could fly at incredible speeds, travel into space and pierce the barriers of time itself! These beings spread throughout the universe. One was named Majestic and ended up in the attic of 7 year old Mickey Hawthorne. This is the day they met, the day Maj decided to show this kid the universe.” Rick described. “Think one part Doctor Who, one part Calvin and Hobbes, and sprinkle in some Harry Potter. This is MICKEY & MAJ.”

Rick went on to say, “MICKEY & MAJ deals with traveling through time, space and different dimensions. But even with that grand scope, it’s still about a kid and his magic carpet. They become fast friends and deal with both danger and comedy. It’s also a book that, while aimed more at kids and the middle school crowd, doesn’t talk down to them. In fact, with each story, the stakes are upped, as is the drama. Good for the whole family, which is a big part of why I created them.”

When asked what he wants the reader to get out of his book, Rick said, “Mostly the type of fun, danger and adventure that you can obviously only get when you travel to places like Dimension 63….”

To send us off, Rick shared: “Mickey & Maj have their motto, which is their take off, their victory lap and their battle cry: ‘Let’s Ride!'” So get ready to ride along with Mickey & Maj this October! Pre-order the first book with Diamond item code AUG191464.

Enjoy our special deluxe 16 page preview!

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