Talk Show: The Dark Tower – Slinging a little more than Guns

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This week we got a 1st look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in the Deadpool sequel. The Internet is cruel as it can be. I am one for comic book accuracy when it comes to the stories brought to the big screen. I get wrapped up over character personalities but understand that comic book depictions don’t always look good in live action. Pasty white skin doesn’t film well; I really think people have a problem with the character being portrayed by a black woman you tell me in the comments if you agree.

So a few weeks ago a friend asked me: Do you ever give a movie something other than a 3? Well this week I did. Dark Tower gets a freaking 2!

Now I have never read any of the novels, comic books or material associated with the background material but the premise is as follows:

• Evil Guy…Blah Blah
• Crazy dreams….
• Tortured hero….

I should have known better with the runtime being less than 2 hours and the amount of action seen in the trailers is about the same as in the movie. So the extended trailer is 6 minutes long and the movie is 95 minutes long do pretty much you have seen a majority of the action in the trailer.
Idris Elba I expect a movie like this from your co-star Matthew McConaughey but you could have done so much better.

I expect a big drop off next week in the box office numbers.

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