#VideoGames – Are YOU ready for Watch Dogs?

restasis eye drops price uk YouTube in full effect gaming discussions with In4Red45ive and Daym Drops.

#VideoGames – I’m not bashing Microsoft but read between the lines

Ok there was a post on Major Nelson’s (Microsoft XBox Public Relations guru) blog (http://majornelson.com/) detailing the upcoming June update for the XBox One.  Now These are things we were … Read More

#VideoGames – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sci-Fi and Kevin Spacey

I guess when you have to make your presence known seven months before release you have something big.  Kevin Spacey is now the face behind the Call of Duty series … Read More

#VideoGames – Microsoft are you listening here??

Here is a #TeamDaym commentary on the new generation of video game consoles. -Onyxxx  

#VideoGames – Watchdogs, can I say this game looks great but also scares me.

Viral marketing usually gets me excited about an upcoming movie or game.  While some of it is interesting (www.thebentbullet.com) there are some that are downright disturbing (www.takethislollipop.com). A new video game … Read More

#VideoGames – Titanfall (Daympocalypse)

Food Reviews and Games?!? This man is on a mission and he is taking it out on these poor souls on Titanfall. I guess its time to blow the dust … Read More

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