Review This: Netflix Punisher (Season 1 Review)

Visit This Link Ever since his debut during Daredevil Season 2 fans of the Marvel Netflix shows and fans of the Punisher have been waiting patiently for the ultimate anti-hero to premiere in … Read More

What does this mean? Is Disney trying to buy Fox? Remember to Like, Share, and Subscribe. Ka-Ching!!!! There are so many companies trying to buy other companies that is the nature of business but this week there was a very … Read More

What I Plan on Watching on Netflix

  Wake up people I will say that the best kept secret of today is Netflix.  Despite the recent troubles with Disney and raising subscription prices have you taken a … Read More

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Reaction) or Lack of…

Everyone is doing these reaction videos but I feel a certain way about what we should expect and how people are reacting. Let me express my point of view…. Like, … Read More

Review This – American Assassin

  The need to have a new James bond or Jason Bourne hell even a new John Wick is too darn great.  That brings us to this week’s action flick … Read More

Review This: Marvel Netflix – The Defenders

  So we finally see the Defenders the culmination of the first phase of the Marvel Netflix properties.  This particular Netflix series does have a feel of climax but not … Read More

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