Choose your own adventure? Yes or No? Netflix: Black Mirror – Bandersnatch (Review) Netflix’s Bandersnatch a movie where you make the decisions premiered and though it wasn’t as hyped up as Birdbox got its fair share of publicity so I decided to check … Read More

Stepping into 2019 like a Boss! Happy New Year!

online dating early statitics This is officially the last live stream of 2018 we are getting ready for New Years Eve so we can start our annual tradition of broken promises and unrealistic dreams.  … Read More

Spoiler Free Review – Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse

It has been a while since I have touched on the importance of kids being able to see characters that relate to them in media.  The stereotypical portrayals of African … Read More

Stop asking for the Snyder Cut, Long Live the Snyder Cut

Jason Momoa is a habitual line stepper.  During the promotional tour for justice league Jason Momoa was the guy saying F—Marvel  and how much better the Justice League film was.  … Read More

Endgames, Kombat, and James Gunn turns Superman into a Horror Movie

This past week we have seen the Avengers:  Endgame trailer and it set the internet onfire with 289 Million Views in 24 hours. WOW just WOW.  It has taken thenumber one … Read More

Daredevil Bites the Dust and Everyone Wants an Avengers Trailer but It Is Nowhere to Be Found

    With the purging of Marvel Shows from Netflix and all the announcements regarding cancellations first Iron Fist, then Luke Cage, now Daredevil.  I originally thought this was to … Read More

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