Let’s Talk About Modern Mythology (RIP Stan Lee)

Growing up we all have been touched in some way by songs, stories, and characters created by others.  My childhood was filled with stories that can be called modern mythology … Read More

Death of Superman (Review) & GoingFullNerd News 8.5.18

  Death of Superman (Animated 2018) – So I finally got to watch this and comparing it to the first Warner Bros animation attempt (Superman:  Doomsday) this was definitely the … Read More

Little Heroes Equal Big Fun – Ant-Man and the Wasp (Review)

Everyone knows I love the Marvel Studios films and that can equate into a little bias to the positive side in some of my reviews.  I try to look at … Read More

From Pepsi Advertisement to Big Screen

  Does a Pepsi commercial have the power to rock the big screen? …Maybe, maybe not.

An Incredible(s) Father’s Day – Movie Review

A peaceful Father’s Day and a review of the Incredibles 2 What more can you ask for? Today was a day to relax and take the time to acknowledge all … Read More

The Talk Show (Live) – This Week in Nerd News 5.13.18 Happy Mother’s Day

    As we take the time to celebrate and thank all the people in each of our lives that have held the role of mom, grandma, etc., there have … Read More

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