Talk Show: The Dark Tower – Slinging a little more than Guns

visite site Remember to Like Subscribe and Share. This week we got a 1st look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in the Deadpool sequel. The Internet is cruel as it can be. … Read More

#YouTube – The Talk Show – (w/Your Favorite Nerd) Voltron, PokemonGo, & Little itty bitty Nintendo The Talk Show (w/Your Favorite Nerd) WATCH & CHAT ON YOUNOW & YouTube Talk about a blast from the past, today’s episode is all about old school fun meets new … Read More


First-Ever POKÉMON POCKET COMICS BOX SET And Brand New POKÉMON X · Y POCKET COMICS VolUME 3 Are Scheduled For Release In Fall 2016  San Francisco, CA, March 18, 2016 … Read More

#VIDEOGAMES – Super Smash Con: An Excellent Super Smash Bros. Fan Event

There are some good and bad things about attending a first year convention.  As I sat in attendance at the inaugural Super Smash Con (#SSC) I can truthfully say they … Read More

#VIDEOGAMES – Mattel Is Releasing Mario Themed Hot Wheels Racers

Lead the way As of late, Nintendo has been collaborating with a wide variety of companies to help increase its brand exposure. Just last week, for example, it announced a … Read More

Join GoingFullNerd in the Extra Life 2014 event

I could use your help. I’ve decided to be a team captain for Extra Life 2014 and I’m hoping you’ll join my team and our efforts to raise funds for … Read More

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