SWEETIE VOLUME 1: The thrill of an action hero story and a slice of life from the vantage point of a high school nerd.

original site SWEETIE VOLUME 1
Writer(s): Sean Dillon, Steven Petrivelli (cowriter)
Artist Name(s): Sean Dillon
Cover Artist(s): Sean Dillon
128 pgs./ A / FC

Maggie is the ultimate comic book, cartoon and action movie fangirl. She’s taught herself every move of her favorite action star and superhero. Finally, she’s putting her moves into action! On the eve of her first day of high school she faces off against the evil mercenary group known as the Numbers! Her self-taught super-skills pull through and win her the day, but things get even more complicated when her classmate finds out about her “heroic” extra-curricular activities. Now she battles the big fight that is high school, AND the endless legions of the Numbers invading her city! Follow her journey in the first collected volume of SWEETIE!

Numerous website have been piling on the compliments for the graphic novel. “ can you buy Keppra over the counter in dubai Sweetie stands out in a comic book store full of hundreds of books,” Talking Comics commented. “Part Kungfu Superhero, part fangirl, the book takes a genre often best for adults and makes it its own by ditching the blood and death that normally go with hostage situations and video game style boss battles.” And according to the School Library Journal, “Sweetie balances the thrill of an action hero story with a slice of life that both readers young and old will enjoy.”

Join SWEETIE on her adventure this June. You can pre-order a copy of SWEETIE VOLUME 1 using the Diamond item code APR191297.

What people are saying about Sweetie:

“Action stories are not always my favorite, but when some amazing people take a crack at it, it is sure to be a success! The art, the story, and the characters all aligned to create an thrilling new comic, and I look forward to seeing what’s next for Maggie and her friends!” (Pullbox Reviews)

“The characterisation is amazing, the story & plot development is stunningly good and wrap it all up in this interior artwork and the book is bloody well brilliant!” (Reading with a Flight Ring)

“Sweetie is a fast paced visually engrossing book that doesn’t skimp on actual story.” (What’cha Reading?)

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