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Stranger Things 3 – Even the Upside-down Has Its Ups and Downs

Netflix has its own troubles with the number of movies it will have available for its library since Disney and Warner Bros are creating their own streaming services.  Netflix has one thing going for them they have great original content and they also have not so great original content.  Stranger Things as a whole fall into the great original content pile but how does Season 3 stand up to the ongoing story of Hawkins, IN?

Season 1 – Creeped us the hell out

Season 2 – Had a couple of WTF moments as we learned more of 11’s origins

Season 3 – Makes us realize a couple of things: 

  • It does not pay to fall for Joyce Byers – (Wynona Rider’s character)
  • Hopper is the stereotypical overactive father figure AKA Fat Rambo
  • Wow, as kids we could do so much more stuff in the 80s