Stop asking for the Snyder Cut, Long Live the Snyder Cut

Jason Momoa is a habitual line stepper. 

During the promotional tour for justice league Jason Momoa was the guy saying F—Marvel  and how much better the Justice League film was. 

In the weeks leading up to the Aquaman premiere the Aquabrohimself has been stirring the pot when it comes to the DC vs Marvelrivalry.  The Amazon Prime Member previewhas already happened and the initial reviews are that the movie is good, OK when it works you can brag just a little.    Although my dude is getting many fans excited for something that Warner bros may not ableto or want to come through on. 

I get it people really wanted to see what direction Snyder was going with the Justice League and got super upset when he left production.  There has to be more to it because I have to say if Warner Bros changed directions it was for a reason only, they can elaborate on. 

I have my speculations that is was about money and Snyder did something to piss them off.  So while Jason Momoa gets everyone who liked the Man of Steel and Superman V Batman in an uproar.  Remember that Warner Bros was under some serious pressure to emulate the success of their competition.   

The truth is Zack Snyder was fired from Justice League because Warner Bros.’ patience for Snyder started to wear thin after months of concerns.  I believe the death of his daughter affected him and possibly affected his work and that is understandable.  Warner bros didn’t want to wait for him to resolve his issues and push back their film.  His version of the film was following his own vision and incorporating many current JL mythology but…. The Snyder Cut as everyone is calling it was rumored to be unwatchable.  Although that’s why you have reshoots, edits, and adjustments. 

Zack Snyder was the director of two of my favorite films Watchmen and 300 but I have to say the style of those two films didn’t translate well to the main DC universe of films in my humble opinion.    

There is something more to why he left the DCEU projects and we may never know what that was.  He can post all he wants about on various social networks but he is sounding more like a jilted ex-girlfriend and the hype Momoa putting behind it with his recent comments is almost like when that same girl has her friends egging her on.   This also could be trolling fans about wanting a product that only Warner Bros. could give them. Possibly a cruel or well-played marketing ploy to release this in the future to make good on lost revenue by releasing a hidden edit of the film on the home video market.

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