Stepping into 2019 like a Boss! Happy New Year!

This is officially the last live stream of 2018 we are getting ready for New Years Eve so we can start our annual tradition of broken promises and unrealistic dreams. 

  • We are all buying that new Gym membership (Who is this “Jim” person and why do all of you pay him to work out?).
  • We are going to save money and be rich by the end of the year, even though we spend every last dime at Christmas and can barely get a pack of Ramen Noodles.
  • We want to be better people but let’s be smart about it and take it in small doses. 

buy modafinil pharmacy What do I plan on doing as my New Year’s resolution for GoingFullNerd?

  • I stuck to last years promise to myself to do at least 1 video per week this year I will try for 3 but be happy with 2.
  • I am still stuck at around 1120 subscribers. I made it through multiple YouTube purges and even though I do all the right things still don’t get the views.
  • Continue recording Audio on and get those plays and revenue from Spotify, I-Tunes and the other podcast platforms I am on. 
  • More Reviews of the random stuff I come in contact with.  I mostly do movies but my day touches so many more things.

For everyone asking for free merchandise, Coffee mugs, T-shirts, anything that costs money.  I suggest you start sharing and listening and watching my stuff all the time so I earn money, get sponsors, and so on because that is the only way you are going to get anything free from GoingFullNerd.  I ran contests in 2018 and it didn’t yield any good results other than me spending money. 

try this site If you complain about not knowing when I broadcast or don’t like what I talk about, here are a couple of tricks:

  • Click the bell on the YouTube subscribe page that will notify you when I post trust me it works.
  • Look at your watch and a calendar.  I have been live broadcasting on YouTube at 6pm every Sunday for the past year that hasn’t changed so…. 
  • Movies cost money, I just can’t watch bootleg videos.  If I don’t review a movie, I just might be broke, that week you want me to review something?  Send me a ticket or the money to go see it and you will guarantee that I will review it if not you get what I watch when I watch it.  

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