“She’s much closer than my children realize.”

Brigid, God of the Sun, has amassed an army to defeat her sister, The Morrigan, and her followers on the peaceful space colony of Fey. Sent deep into the fairy woods to seek guidance, Winona may be the only one who can help save her people from Brigid’s forces. But can she stop a millennia-old battle?

Pick up the first issue of read here SHE SAID DESTROY, on shelves today for NCBD!

http://mlaa.ca/zestoretic Want To Know More?

In Newsarama’s first announcement about the book, author Joe Corallo talks about what it’s like to write “a comic about castles in space.” Artist Liana Kangaschats with SYFY Wire about She Said Destroy, her influences, and the battle between her and Joe about which Final Fantasy is better. Check out colorist Rebecca Nalty and letterer Melanie Ujimori if you want to see lots of things that are beautiful, and designer Tim Daniel will just blow your mind on the daily.

http://kesem-haimun.com/2864-dte21960-long-island-men-seeking-women.html Your Favorite Stories Continue

https://marketingautomationdemo.nl/17336-ph17024-verapamil-for-dogs.html WASTED SPACE

Before it’s gone, grab issue 10 of WASTED SPACE which is also out today for NCBD. As the final issue of the second arc, this issue gets…um…well, some things happen and you’ll want to make sure you’re sitting down. Actually, we haven’t fully recovered from some earlier issues in this arc but author Michael Moreci isn’t even close to being done with us. (If you haven’t heard, WASTED SPACE is an ongoing and will continue with the next arc this fall!)

A stellar novelist, Moreci knows how to play the long game with storytelling yet still makes each single issue feel like a reward. Or a gut punch. Sometimes both. But don’t just take our word for it; reviews from Outright Geekery and Robbie Rants say everything that’s already in our hearts.


After confronting the fugitive dream figment Ava, IJ Daher makes the fateful decision not to take her target back to the Morphean Annex. Her instincts appear to be right when Ava leads her closer to the truth about the Chase family. Did Ava truly escape, or has she simply jumped from one nightmare to another? 

Issue 2 of QUEEN OF BAD DREAMS hits shelves today, taking readers further down the rabbit hole into a world of corruption, the bonds of expectation, and fighting for personal agency. “Don’t sleep on The ‘Queen of Bad Dreams'”, Black Nerd Problems tells readers as it interviews author Danny Lore and digs deeper into the genesis of this stunning story concept. 

In addition to Lore, artist Jordi Perez, colorist Dearbhla Kelly, and letterer Kim McLean bring energy to the pages of a story that “hits the mark perfectly”.  Check out a preview of the killer second issue, and make sure it’s in your pull list for future issues!

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