Pick up your weekend reading! Friendo Vol. 1 is on shelves.

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FRIENDO hit shelves this week in trade, bringing all 5 issues to you in one engaging and dark look at who – or what – we’re becoming in our consumer-obsessed lives. Is it ironic for us to tell you to buy it? Yes. Will we tell you to buy it anyway? Also yes. 

Treat yourself, you deserve it. 

Meet Jerry, your new AI best friend.

“With countless comics writers turning to dystopian nightmares for their stories, Vault’s Friendo separates itself from the herd. It’s a fierce reproofing of cultural folly, holding up funhouse mirrors reflecting a warped future best avoided. It’s also the kind of storytelling I can’t anticipate; each issue is a refreshing dose of unexpected results and surprising plunges into other disturbing aesthetic layers.” 
– Clyde Hall, DoomRocket

Co-created by why-hasn’t-he-won-an-Eisner-yet Alex Paknadel (Incursion, Arcadia, Dr. Who), and does-anyone-make-better-covers artist Martin Simmonds (Punks Not Dead), colorist Dee Cunniffe, and letterer Taylor Esposito, FRIENDO is Orwell in the age of smart phones, shaken up with some very human fallibility. 

If you need a primer, SYFY shared an early look at the storyline at its launch, and at only halfway through the series Paste Magazine listed Friendo as #9 in the top 15 best science-fiction and fantasy comics of 2018. 

Sign me up. Where do I buy?

Stop by your local comic shop this weekend to pick up the trade! You can also ask for it anywhere books are sold, order it online, or read it digitally.

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