NUTMEG VOLUME 5 is Nancy Drew by way of Scarface “Spring: The Good Dine Young” collects the series finale of NUTMEG. NUTMEG VOLUME 5
Writer(s): James F. Wright
Artist Name(s): Jackie Crofts (art, colors), Josh Eckert (colors), James F. Wright (lettering)
Cover Artist(s): Jackie Crofts
96 pgs./ T / FC

dating apps and sites where you like or pass on profile Action Lab Entertainment brings you NUTMEG VOLUME 5! This collection includes the previously digital only NUTMEG #13-15, which sees, at long last, the saga of Poppy and Cassia and their illicit brownie-baking empire comes to its bittersweet end here in the series finale. This is where the journey ends. But with that in mind, it’s still worth picking up if you haven’t been following. Because you can start from the beginning and won’t have to wait or wonder when it all wraps up. 🙂 Writer James F. Wright says, “If anything, what we most want someone to get out of our book is a satisfying conclusion. We’ve worked on this series for nearly five years and while there have been ups and downs, we ended it the way we wanted and on our own terms. It would mean the world to us for anyone reading to have found the story worth their time and the ending worth the ride.” He adds, “Without spoiling too much, there’s actually a good line from this volume that stuck with us: ‘True friends have your best interests at heart–not theirs.’ And I think that’s a good note not just for life but also for our characters and what they learn throughout the course of our tale.”

You can get your copy of NUTMEG VOLUME 5 this November! Pre-order the final collection with the Diamond item code SEP191354.

What people are saying about Nutmeg:

“Nutmeg is exactly what we need more of in the comic industry…”
(Graphic Policy)

“Fans of LumberjanesPenny Dora and Amelia Cole will enjoy this series.” (Comicosity)

“This is the kind of comic we need more of…” (Comic Spectrum)

“The spice puns will never not be funny.” (PopOptiq)

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