No Secret Wars, No Spider-Man, but We are Venom

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OK Sony I see what you have done and I am not mad at you.  A few months ago, I saw the Venom trailer and like the rest of the internet I was outraged. No venom in the initial trailer, then the CGI looked rubbery, and it gave an R-rated vibe and ended up PG-13.

What we get is an alternate origin story with subtle nods to the Marvel comics that inspired this movie.

Comic book fans:  You can really take or leave this movie.  It is really is hard to watch a Venom origin story without Spider-man involved for those of us long time fans we know that Venom was closely intertwined with Spider-man and it is hard for us to accept one without the other.

I had to clear aside this bias and remember my comic book roots about alternate earths and timelines to enjoy this flick.  Some things remain the same, Eddie Brock is/was a douche he messed up and Venom rolled in and took advantage.

At many times it felt like parts of the story development was skipped and by the time we were actually having to be filled in after the fact.  The special effects were much better than the teaser and follow on trailer and the action was intense.

Sony took the safe route but in doing so left out so much and still has me wishing they would just completely abandon their Marvel contract so Marvel Studios can just do their thing with crossovers and multiple characters.

Overall though I enjoyed this movie and it took until the mid-credit scene to make me want a second film…but I wont spoil it for now.

Venom gets a 3.8 borderline 4 out of 5 with a caveat.  Don’t break your neck for premium showings or prime time showings.  This is an enjoyable matinee.  Language is rough and definitely not for kids and though not overly graphic I could see them making an uncut version for Blu-Ray that could easily have been a hard R.

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