#Movies – When should a movie franchise die?

I remember growing up and wanting to expand on the stories that captivated my imagination and keep it  going forever.  We have all wanted more Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Indiana Jones, etc… but as stars grow older I sit back and say “Dude, Give it up!!”  There are many multi-movie franchises out there and connected story lines linking movies together in a shared universe.  Marvel/Disney is reaping the benefit of this success with DC Comics/Warner Bros following behind.  This brings me to the point of When should a movie franchise die?  Popularity of a star and the thought process behind cashing in on that popularity to get movie goers in seats is a driving force.  Let’s look at a of recent example:

Christian Bale (Batman/Terminator Salvation) – Christian Bale while immensely popular before gained a very large following after working on the Nolan Batman Trilogy.  I do believe this popularity led to him being cast in the abysmal Terminator Salvation.    Did it make money?  Hell yeah! But maybe it should have signaled the death knoll for the Terminator Franchise but it didn’t so we now have a geriatric Arnold reprising his T-800 role in a reboot.  While Bale didn’t reprise his role as Batman in Batman v Superman I am sure he wished he did after taking the Terminator Salvation hit to his acting credits.

This leads me to a movie series well past its prime and makes me wonder is it popularity and star power bringing it to the screen?

Creed – This is the 7th movie in the Rocky series that has a now 68 year old Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) being portrayed as a mentor to a 28 year old Michael B. Jordan (Apollo Creed’s grandson Adonis Creed).  Dude really?  I am sorry but I doubt this will get my money because I was done with Rocky years ago after Rocky III whats next?  Clubber Lang’s grandson gonna show up?  Ivan Drago’s cousins nephew uncle gonna make an appearance?   But lets keep this in mind, Michael B. Jordan is the next hot thing as Hollywood wants to push new stars for the next generation.  With Josh Trank’s re-imagining of the Fantastic Four starring Jordan as the Human Torch  and not to forget his outstanding performance in Fruitvale Station, and Chronicle it’s no wonder Rocky will get another go around on the big screen.

Get ready to go for it!

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