#Movies – Avengers 2:The Age of Ultron ***Spoiler Free Review***

buy brand viagra online canada Today marks the day Avengers 2:  Age of Ultron hits theaters.  Things you need to know prior to paying for and seeing this movie!

#1 This is not a direct sequel to the first Avengers movie in the traditional sense – There have been events buy modafinil australia (Captain America:  Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3, Thor (The Dark World), Agents of SHIELD (TV Show)) that have happened in between.  Not that you need to have seen them but it helps.

#2 There are more superheroes in this movie than you can shake a stick at.  –  This will drive the Comic Book fans into a frenzy:   You have been warned!!

#3 With a movie run time of only 2 hours and 21 min it is shorter than the previous Avengers film but I personally would skip the large drink because of the amount of action in the movie.

#4 The tradition of staying after the end credits is not necessary for this film but there is a nice mid-credit taste of things to come.  Now if you have a desire to know who the Key Grip or Best Boy is knock yourself out.

Avengers_Age_Of_Ultron-poster1While it is expected to break the previous Avengers movie box office record I can safely say this is a must see movie. The sheer amount of action will keep you entertained.  Marvel movies have constantly raised the bar with each movie weaving an interconnected tale to a larger story which die hard comic book fans enjoy and may go over the head of many non comic book people but that is fine because the action makes up for it.  The story is not as dramatic like Captain America: The Winter Soldier or emotionally appealing as Guardians of the Galaxy.  Also the villain (Ultron) is not as “likable” as Loki was in the first Avengers film but James Spader nails it on the head as a great follow up villain.

So between the one liners and the action Avengers 2:  Age of Ultron will keep you entertained and is worth seeing.  I elected to check out the IMAX 3d even though the film was up-converted to those formats after production and while I usually shy away from that because of ticket prices it was well worth the look.

I give the film 4 out of 5 on my GoingFullNerd scale of approval.  



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