Keep Kids Safe on the Internet – How a Sculpture Started a Scare

ferrous probe es-x price People we have to be better than this.  I grew up over the 70s and 80s and admittedly we had our fears of strangers and things that we had to be cautious of but with the internet it now isn’t only a physical threat it is a mental one we have to warn our kids about.

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skinoren cream in usa This week this scare about MOMO was all over the news and the internet.  I am always the first to dismiss things as hoaxes which this was most definitely one.  Though I really feel that we shouldn’t rely on the news to tell us what is happening we should be watching and looking at what kids do online.  

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orlistat canada Since when has it become acceptable not to monitor your kids online and leave it to the CEOs and content creators you find online to do so?  What do you believe? Do you believe the first thing that someone puts in front of you?  Don’t get me wrong I love the internet but you have to take this stuff with a grain of salt and little kids do not have the comprehension level to do that while they are in learning mode.  So, as we see all these challenges and warnings what are we doing to explain to kids this behavior is not acceptable?

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persantine price The answer is not nearly enough.

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