Iron Fist Cancelled, DC Universe Mixed Reviews, and Guardians of the Suicide Squad?




1 1 buy Lyrica 150 mg online Venom (2018) Sony $35,700,000
2 2 A Star is Born (2018) WB ligar chicas la pobla de claramunt $28,000,000
3 N First Man Uni. $16,500,000
4 N Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Sony $16,225,000

Even with a 55% drop in revenue Venom still tops the Box Office.  I am surprised, not surprised when you look at the other movies in the Top 5.  Although I am at a loss because I figured more people would be interested in First Man and that is not a good start when it comes to making a film pulling in only 16 Million when it cost over 60 million to make.

The Iron Fist was not as Immortal as he though. Even though I didn’t think it was that bad and Season 2 was a dramatic improvement over Season 1 Netflix has announced it will not be renewing Iron Fist for a 3rd season.  That’s pretty sad because I liked the direction it was going.  But it makes sense since Disney is launching its own streaming service why keep putting money into Netflix’s pocket when they could have exclusive content for its own streaming service.  The status of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, or Punisher is unknown but maybe we can get a Daughters of the Dragon or a true Heroes for Hire Series on the new streaming network?  Remember Daredevil premieres soon and it is the best of all the Netflix shows so I don’t see any announcements about that anytime soon.

DC Universe Streaming Service has premiered Titans and I am hearing mixed reviews.   Some good, some bad I plan on letting a few more episodes premiere before I jump into it and give my review.  Hopefully there will be some good new animated features available on the platform too.

The premise of the Suicide Squad comic book is to give criminals a chance at redemption by performing mission for a Top-Secret Government Black OPS Squad.  So how ironic is it that Warner Bros on the tail of Disney firing James Gunn as director of Guardians of the Galaxy hire him to helm Suicide Squad 2.  The internet masses are saying Disney’s loss is Warner Bros gain but is it enough to help get the DCEU (are we still calling it that?) on track?  They now seem to be concentrating on more second-tier characters like Ava Duvernay directing the New Gods and going all in for SHAZAM and hyping up the Joker origin film starring Joaquim Phoenix.

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