How Do You Twist Glass Without Breaking It?

Well, M. Night Shyamalan you have done it again or didn’t do it depending on your opinion of his films.  He is either a genius or just clueless.  Unbreakable came out 19 years ago and it was a wild ride. Split came out two years ago and it was a surprise that showed us they exist in the same continuity.  Now we arrive at Glass.  M. Night has been quoted as downplaying superhero films, he was rumored to have turned down directing opportunities for Marvel and DC films.  His own superhero universe was created with Unbreakable and it really skirted the fine line between are there really superheroes and villains in the world? 

I am not going to recap Unbreakable or Split but what I will say it isn’t a must to see both of these but it helps in order to get a full feel for the majority of the story.  The story is solid all the way through and has the feel of a comic book in its composition and in traditional M. Night style the twists are all over the place.     The main character Mr. Glass doesn’t fully come into his own until half way through the movie but once he does it is so subtle and calculated but you wouldn’t know that until the movie is ending. 

I can understand why the movie topped the box office on it’s opening weekend part of it was the hype, another part was the actors, I mean Samuel L. Jackson, James McEvoy, and Bruce Willis can you get any better than that? 

The first part of the movie was well calculated and interesting to watch as we get toward the end plot points become something that moves real fast blink and you will miss many key points.  I give Glass a 3 out of 5 you can take it or leave it in my humble opinion.  As much as I like seeing Sam Jackson in his busted-up Buckwheat mask and Prince suit this movie left me with just as many questions as answers.  

No after credit scene and a good not, great bookend on a trilogy that could have been so much more.

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